"Cotillion" Vintage style 6 inch Ladies Golden Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Hat Stick Pin
Inspired by the late 19th-century gowns worn at summer balls during the "Season", this 6" hat pin is comprised of silken Swarovski golden pearls, Czech faceted glass beads and elegant metal findings. It is a sumptuous piece of jewelry - to display on a dressing table or your favorite hat. It is heavy in the hand - yet delicate and feminine to the eye. Light dances off of each facet in the glass and the pearls have a soft silken sheen. Each hat pin arrives in a specially designed gift box. These pins are a perfect gift for someone special - each unique and evoking the romance of a bygone era. The use of hat pins goes back to the Middle Ages - women used them to secure their veils and hair into place. By the early 1900's jewelers such as Tiffany's were making some of the highest quality - and these ranged in length from 6-12" long. During the Suffragette movement in England, men feared the pins might be used as weapons - and Suffragette's appearing in court were ordered to remove their hats and pins. By the start of WWII, with women moving into the workforce, hat wearing became a thing of the past and the need for pins diminished as well. Today, hat pins are collected and treasured for their aesthetic beauty and vintage appeal.