Guitar String Bracelet // Stackable Guitar String Bangle // Guitar String Jewelry // Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Stackable Bangle
This upcycled guitar string bracelet is wrapped with 14k gold filled wire around a selected bunch of (4) salvaged guitar strings that have been previously used to rock out in concert, or maybe by a small local band, who knows? My guitar strings are obtained from a local shop that fixes instruments. The man is very nice, and he saves them for me until I drop in to say hello over a cup of coffee...maybe a few sips, while he tells me a story about playing music in his band. From every bunch, I separate the colors, sometimes brass, sometimes silver, and very rarely, I get a few coppery colored ones. The ones in this listing are silver guitar string. I've worn all types of guitar strings, and they have not changed my skin color, so right on!! And they look great on their own or stacked together with others. Visit my website for more: Join me on facebook: Pinterest:) *PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: -salvaged guitar string bangle -14k gold filled wire wrapping -no clasp bangle design -lightweight and comfortable -please verify your preferences and size before checkout:) *BANGLE SIZING GUIDE: To determine what size bangle to order: 1. Measure the inner circumference of a bangle that fits you 2. Or measure your hand: -Position your hand as if you're putting on a bangle (thumb across your palm, towards pinky) -Measure the circumference of your hand at the widest part (across your knuckles and thumb) -The number where the measuring tape ends is your hand size - use this measurement to determine your bangle size. -Keep in mind that this is a guide, and personal preferences may differ; however, If the bracelet is uncomfortable to take on and off, then it is too small. -If you have any question on how to get a proper fit please contact us. -Because of the materials and methods used, each piece of jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind and may include variations, such as color, thickness in wire wrapping, and signs of wear on salvaged materials. These variations are considered part of the character, making the piece that much more unique and beautiful. Thank you for checking out my jewelry!! Please visit my Etsy store for more -