Guitar String Hoop Dangle Earrings // Salvaged Guitar String Mixed Metal Earrings // Recycled Guitar String Wire Wrapped Earrings
Salvaged guitar string hoop earrings. Recycled guitar string earrings with a bold consecutive loop design, made with salvaged guitar string, repurposed electrical wire, 14k gold filled wire, and sterling silver wire. Whether you're in the band, a screaming fan, or a naturalist, upcycled guitar wire earrings are dazzling accessories that say effortless style all over. Recycled from authentic guitar string that enjoyed a previous life of rocking out, these earrings are a fashionable eco-friendly accessory that will amp up your style instantly, no fuss. These earrings have some weight to make them feel substantial, but they are still lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Rock them alone or combined with some of my other guitar string accessories. Visit my website for more: Join me on facebook: Pinterest:) *PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: -salvaged guitar wire -repurposed copper electrical wire -precious metal wire wrapping (sterling silver) -sterling silver ear wires -Because of the materials and methods used, each piece of jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind and may include variations, such as color, thickness in wire wrapping, and signs of wear on salvaged materials. These variations are considered part of the character, making the piece that much more unique and beautiful. Visit my website for more: