March Birthstone Bracelet // Sterling Silver Guitar String Bracelet // Genuine Aquamarine Bangle // Guitar String Birthstone Bangle
Genuine aquamarine March Birthstone Bracelet. This thin silver birthstone bangle is made from authentic used guitar strings that I've salvaged from local music stores. The simplistic design gives it a modern style, and the opal gemstones give it a subtle elegance. Wire wrapped with sterling silver on the bracelet in these photographs is the aquamarine, the birthstone of March; you can choose the preferred stone and metal wire wrapping (sterling silver or 14k gold filled) for your bracelet. The bridgestop was left on the guitar string in honor of its past existence as a rock instrument. Whether you're in the band, a screaming fan, or a naturalist, an upcycled guitar wire bracelet is a dazzling accessory that says effortless style all over. The guitar wire's lightweight and flexible nature make this bracelet comfortable and easy to wear. Rock it alone for a more delicate touch or make a statement with several stacked on one wrist. Visit my website for more: Join me on facebook: Pinterest:) *PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: -salvaged guitar wire -precious metal wire wrapping (sterling silver or 14k gold filled) -natural gemstone beading -no-clasp bangle -lightweight and comfortable (no reported attacks on hair) -verify your preferences before checkout:) -please specify your preferred birthstone in message to seller if other than listed here. Visit my website for more: *BANGLE SIZING GUIDE: *To determine what size bangle to order: 1. Measure the inner circumference of a bangle that fits you 2. Or measure your hand: -Position your hand as if you're putting on a bangle (thumb across your palm, towards pinky) -Measure the circumference of your hand at the widest part (across your knuckles and thumb) -The number where the measuring tape ends is your hand size - use this measurement to determine your bangle size. -Keep in mind that this is a guide, and personal preferences may differ; however, If the bracelet is uncomfortable to take on and off, then it is too small. -If you have any question on how to get a proper fit please contact us. -Because of the materials and methods used, each piece of jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind and may include variations, such as color, thickness in wire wrapping, and signs of wear on salvaged materials. These variations are considered part of the character, making the piece that much more unique and beautiful.