Raw Uncut Rough Diamond Cluster Ring - Copper & Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring - Gemstone Ring - April Birthstone
A gorgeous uncut non-conflict rough diamond is wire wrapped in .925 sterling silver on a double wrap copper band. Light white/silver diamonds will be used as pictured. The natural rough diamond is unique - exactly the way it was created by nature. This is such a fun ring. I've double wrapped the copper band, soldered it beneath the diamonds, then encrusted it with white rough cut diamonds on a thin sterling silver wire, like a crown. This ring makes me so happy. I know you'll love it. *All rough diamonds used in my jewelry come from sources not involved in funding conflict. My local diamond dealer guarantees that it is conflict free and in accordance/strict compliance with the Kimberley Process. *PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: -.925 sterling silver & copper band and wire -genuine rough diamond beading (beads measure approx. 2mm - 3mm) -comfortable and feels substantial on your finger -please verify your size preference before checkout:) -Because of the materials and methods used, each piece of jewelry is unique and one-of-a-kind and may include variations, such as color, thickness in wire wrapping, and signs of wear on salvaged materials. These variations are considered part of the character, making the piece that much more unique and beautiful. Thank you for checking out my jewelry!! Please visit my Etsy store for more - https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheChestnutForge