The Chestnut Forge

Located In
Saint Louis, MO
Owned By
Brenda Melancon
Store Details
Hello!! My name is Pip; it comes from the poem The Scroobious Pip. You should read it sometime. I haven\'t always been passionate about making jewelry, nor have I always been this fancy. The Chestnut Forge is my triumph and independence through adversity, and it has been a long and stumbling journey for me. The Chestnut Forge is a very special place for me. I\'ve worked so hard to create something that will give back as much good as I receive from it. Each day, I feel blessed and grateful to be alive, to have my shop, and for you, my customers, who have made my independence possible. This means so much to me. All of my pieces tell a story of me; they\'re all part of me, and it\'s so excited to share them with others, to bring smiles to your faces everyday.