The Bracklet

The ORIGINAL Nantucket Basket Bracelet

Located In
Nantucket, MA
Owned By
Peter Finch
Store Details
Peter Finch has been a Nantucket islander for over 20 years. Originally a skilled woodworker, he discovered his love for lightship basket making immediately after relocating from Connecticut to the island. Now, people from all around the country attend his intensive, 3-day basket weaving seminars. The ORIGINAL Nantucket Lightship Basket Bracelet, fondly known as the BrACKlet©, and it’s smaller version the BrACKletta©, were created exclusively by Finch and are the first of their kind. Although shamelessly copied by others on and off island, if you want the ORIGINAL, signed and series numbered, make sure it is Peter Finch’s signature work.