All my bath and body products are made in small batches as a result colors can vary from the one pictured. Fragrance oils that contain vanilla (and most of my fragrance oils do) can darken the product over time. This in no way affects the quality of the soap or lotion some fragrances darken faster, some slower and some not at all. Why use Fragrance Oils rather than Essential Oils ? FOs are synthetic (but perfectly skin-safe) fragrance blends, and EOs are natural essential oils distilled from the plants and fruits themselves. FOs tend to last a little longer, and are generally less expensive, but there's nothing like the true scent of essential oils. Why do I use fragrance oils? Well, first of all, I wouldn't use or offer these artificial fragrances if they were in any way harmful to you, your family, or the earth. Many essential oils, contrary to popular belief, can be very irritating to the skin. Some can even aggravate lots of serious medical conditions. In addition the harvest of many essential oils is having a devastating ecological effect, and I really want no part of killing off the last of the sandalwood trees in the name of smelling pretty. I'd much rather get my fragrance from a clean, conscious, animal-free lab. And of course most of my scents are not the scents found in plants for example - Blueberries Yes ! Blueberry Muffins No :) The Bathtub Bakery is a proud member of The Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild.

Payment Policy

I accept PayPal payments. You do not need a Paypal account to use this method of payment. Just use the guest checkout option and use your credit card. Although my processing times indicated that it can take several days to ship, often I am able ship the next business day. Cancellations need to be made quickly. All orders shipped to Washington State will be taxed at the local rate.

Shipping Policy

USA packages will be sent with delivery confirmation. I ship using the USPS. Packages weighing 13 ounces or less will ship First Class Mail. Anything over 13 ounces ships Priority. Priority rates begin at $6.50 and go up from there. I will utilize the flat rate boxes and bubble envelopes as they will save you money. I do my best to accurately estimate shipping charges. Bath and body products can be heavy and when adding several items in your cart, the postage can really add up. I will reimburse significant shipping overcharges when your product is shipped out. Shipping charges include postal rate and packaging supplies.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Due to the personal nature of our products, I cannot accept returns except in cases of damage during shipping or in the rare case that the wrong item was shipped. If either of these happens, please contact me within 48 hours of receiving your package so I can file the appropriate claims. Please do not return any merchandise without prior notification. Please do not dispose of any of the original packaging, as this may be needed to file the appropriate claims. If your order is damaged, or the wrong item was shipped, I require a photograph of the entire order, including packaging, as verification, and to be able to file the appropriate claims with my insurance company. No refunds or replacements can be sent without this documentation. Please contact me for further details regarding the specifics needed for your claim. My goal is for you to be 100% delighted with your order. Because skin care and scent choices are incredibly individual and personal, if you are unsure about your selections, I encourage you to order smaller sizes, and then come back for more when you've found your favorite scents and products.

Other Policies

~ We use nut oils in many of our products. So if you have severe nut allergies, we don't recommend shopping with us. The same equipment is often used for most of our products, and we can't promise that there won't be cross contamination. ~ In accordance with the CPSIA act, effective 2/2009, nothing sold by The Bathtub Bakery is primarily intended for use by persons aged 12 & under.

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