Herbal Bath Teas and Soaks
These Herbal Bath Soaks are perfect after along day or even when you're just feeling down and in need of some self care. All the herbs used are either home and locally grown, or purchased from a reputable and trusted apothecary. There are around 3 - 5 different herbs in each soak as well as a soaking additive such as oatmeal, goat milk powder, or epsom salt and each and every one is mixed individually so you know you're getting a little of everything. There are 6 different soaks: - Sleep: relax and soothe your senses and ease your mind in preparation of a good nights sleep and melt the day away. With hints of lavender and rose, this floral soak is bound to leave you relaxed and ready for a deep restful sleep accompanied with oatmeal to soothe, soften, and relax your skin. - Unwind: perfect for after a long, hard, and emotional day, this bath soak will help you send your troubles down the drain and leave you feeling light and at ease. This is also a great soak for a cleansing bath before spell work. With Hints of lemon and calendula with the added goat milk powder this floral soak will lighten even the worst of days as well as soften and soothe your skin. - Rejuvenate: put some positive energy back into your life after an exhausting day. Our most herb packed soak, this one comes with three bags as opposed to 2 per bath. This is a good soak to use before spell work or rituals if you are feeling particularly drained of energy, and with the added epsom salt your skin will be soft, refreshed, and ready to go. - Breath Easy: this refreshing bath soak is perfect for relieving a stuffy nose, a headache, or a head cold. With hints of peppermint and rosemary accompanied by epsom salt, this soak will ease your pains and leave you feeling refreshed. - Soft Skin: give your skin the spa treatment it deserves! With hints of rosemary and calendula and additives like oatmeal and goat milk powder, relax your senses while your skin gets pampered! - Body Aches: relieve your body after a workout, a long day of yard or house work, or any other activities that cause sore muscles! With hints of eucalyptus and peppermint and the additive epsom salt, this soak will relieve soreness and all your aches and pains! And of course: all soaks are made with a lot of love and positive energy, and a little bit of magic! Directions: To use these tea bags, squeeze and crush the bag to release the oils and scents in the herbs, put the tie around the faucet of your bathtub and turn on the water as hot as it will go. Position the bag so that as the water flows, it goes through and over the tea bag. Once the tub is filled to your liking put the bag in the water to seep for about ten minutes, giving the water time to cool down to a reasonable temperature, as well as give the tea time to really seep into the water. Throughout the ten minutes squeeze the bag periodically to release more tea. Once the water is cooled and the tea is seeped just soak up and breath in all the benefits of the tea! Personally sometimes I love to exfoliate my skin by either rubbing the bag over my skin or opening the bag and rubbing the herbs over my skin (but that option is a bit messier!) If you have allergies and are concerned about reactions, please don't hesitate to message me for more information. Often I can take out an herb and substitute for another in place of your allergen! ** price is for a two bath pack of soaks** Soaks are made from home grown and locally sourced herbs with no added scent boosters and therefore scent potency may vary.