Crystal Amulets
Healing Crystal Wrap Amulets! These amulets have 100% authentic crystals that are hand picked for quality and positive energy. They are cleansed and charged by either the sun or moonlight, and then they are hand wrapped in in your choice of wire. They are hung on a hand fastened cord that can be cut to any length. These amulets are 100% hand made with positive energy! ~Amethyst: (third eye and crown chakra) Known as the Relaxing Stone; aids with restful sleep, calms anxiety, aids in depression relief, enhances psychic abilities, is an excellent aid in meditation, helps open the third eye, and enhances spiritual wellness. ~Aventurine: (heart chakra) releases anxiety and fear, aids in tranquility and positive energy. Helps build confidence. ~ Blue Calcite: (throat chakra) soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties. A good stone to use when recuperating, facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation. Use to facilitate calm communication. ~Moonstone: (heart chakra) aids pregnancy/birthing process, can help boost fertility, and aids in PMS relief. Aligns your emotions and helps add inspiration and flexibility. ~ Clear Quartz: (all chakras) Dispels negativity, stimulates energy, clears the mind, excellent for meditation, enhances psychic abilities, and is knows as the general healer. It can be used in place of any crystal. ~ Rose Quartz: (heart chakra) Known as the Love Stone; aids development of love, forgiveness and compassion. It makes people feel loved and wanted. Aids in both relationships and friendships. ~Selenite: Aids power of concentration and clarity. Enhances willpower. ~Turquoise: Aligns all chakras, enhances meditation, creative expression, and friendships. Wire choices are: copper, silver, or black Cord choices are: black or brown Toggle Claps are the default but lobster claw clasps are also available upon request. Crystals are of the earth and therefore will vary in size, shape, and color! Each piece is unique. *These necklaces are NOT FDA approved and in no way should replace advice or medications provided by a licensed medical professional.