All White Skull Pump Dispenser Halloween Horror Decoration Soap Dispenser for Phrenologist Bath Vanity
Add a little Halloween horror to any decor with this white skull pump dispenser. For a really creepy effect add some red color liquid soap - I bet any kid big or small would love to use it without hesitation! This white human skull pump dispenser can also hold hand sanitizer on the bath vanity and kids will love getting a squirt of it on their hands! Also makes a great item for a phrenologist that does skull readings. The white skull pump dispenser is made of ceramic earthenware, it is slip cast from a ceramic mold and altered before it was kiln fired. This skull is glazed with non-toxic glaze on the inside and outside for longer life. This dispenser is made for fun, what better way to add a little creepiness to any Halloween party setting. This white skull pump dispenser is 6 inches tall with pump (4 1/2 inches w/o pump), 4 inches diameter at the widest point, it holds approximately 14 ounces of liquid. The pump dispenser is fastened to the top of the skull with a threaded collar that is affixed to the top with an epoxy glue. A white pump is included. ORDER and SHIPPING INFORMATION:
 * Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for completion of your order. 
* Shipping is Standard Mail via the United States Postal Service. 
 * You will be notified when the order ships, please allow for transit time after the order ships. Each ceramic skull pump dispensers is made of the best materials available in my shop located in Central Texas. I use many techniques and non-toxic glazes to achieve the final piece you see. This dispenser is made to last many years. Skull dispensers are available in a variety of finishes.