Little White Ceramic Christmas Tree Night Light Automatic Switch Color Light Globes
This little white ceramic Christmas Tree Night Light is decorated with small round color lites and comes with a light sensitive automatic switch that plugs into a wall socket. The multi color ’Christmas’ lights show well when lit and will help keep you in the holiday spirit. This night light is my original creation. Night lights can be used in children’s rooms, bath rooms, kitchens or family rooms, or in a hallway or staircase to illuminate the area and make it safe for walking. Nightlights can also be put in garages and workshops to make finding the light switch easier at night. You can put nightlights in every room of your home if you choose. Night lights in decorative and functional designs and are a fun way to add that special touch of style and warmth throughout your home. All night lights come with a 6 watt bulb and are ready to plug in and use. This white ceramic Christmas tree night light measures: - 5 1/4 inches tall (includes tree and fixture) - 2 3/4 inches wide at the widest point. Please note the placement of the colorful ornaments may vary on the one your receive. The little Christmas Tree on this night light is made of slip cast ceramics that is kiln fired. Each Christmas Tree is finished in an opaque soft white glaze. I used the smallest round globe ornaments on the tree in 9 different colors including red, white, green, aqua, blue, yellow, gold, pink and purple. The color globes are secured in the tree with non toxic water base glue. This night light comes with a white light sensitive switch that automatically turns on in the dark and off when it is light. The plug is a two-prong design and polarized on left side. A night light bulb is included. The UL approved electrical night light unit is made for standard electrical systems used in the USA. Light bulbs sent with the tree are for USA electrical systems as well. Night lights are tested prior to shipping to assure they are in proper working order. The back of the tree is open so you can access the night light bulb. There is a glow to the back of the night light due to the back being open, the colorful globe ornaments light up with a glow showing off the colors. This night light is made to give a gentle glow, not a bright light. ORDER and SHIPPING INFORMATION:
 * Please allow 5 - 7 business days for completion of your order. 
* Shipping is Standard Mail via the United States Postal Service. 
 * You will be notified when the order ships, please allow for transit time after the order ships.