Modern.  Pallet Wood.  Repurposed.  Recycled.  Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock.  Sky blue.  Nautical numbers.  Great Gift.  Beach house.
Here is an environmentally friendly, pretty spring colored wall clock made of recycled pallet wood! The main picture above is a clock in a lovely sky blue...but the listing in general allows you the freedom to choose the color you prefer. This particular listing for a pallet wood clock of any of the above shown colors with nautical white numbers. Your clock will measure approximately 14 x 13 inches (some clocks will vary). This is the average approximate size of all of our clocks We can customize the listing how you'd like too. Just contact us. HOWEVER, WE CANNOT guarantee your wood color as pallet wood colors vary on what is available to us. Color options currently include: 1. Kelly Green 2. Magenta 3. Sage Green 4. Orange 5. Red 6.Chartreuse 7. Ocean Blue 8. Raw Sienna 9. Aqua 10. Yellow 11. Plum 12. sky blue--not pictured yet. 13. light gray sky-not pictured yet. *Please message us if you are interested in another color scheme or motif. We'd be happy to custom design your clock. However, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for a custom order to be created for you. Because I reclaim the wood I use for my designs, you can expect that each clock will be a unique work of art. The imperfections you may see will surely add to the authenticity of the art. Your clock will not have the same knots, grains, or overall look as the one in the picture, but it will be similar. The clock hardware set I use is made by QUARTZ and makes no noticeable ticking noises. You'll be able to rest in peace. *Please note: if there are no color preferences mentioned in the order, I will send you a clock painted and styled the same way as the main picture. SHIPPING: The price of $15.00 includes insurance and delivery confirmation and packing supplies. Please ask any and all questions you may have.