Carrot & Calendula Soap (2 Bars!)
*This listing is for 2 soap bars* Handcrafted cold process soaps are naturally loaded with skin-essential vitamins and minerals that will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Carrot soaps are made with homemade macerated wild carrot-infused olive oil and organic carrot purée. Sweetly scented with Geranium, Orange, with notes of Patchouli and Sage and lightly garnished with dried Calendula petals. Quality Standards: Nothing leaves the Temple Earth "Soap Lab" without undergoing real testing (by real people!). Every batch of soap is measured and rated on scent, bar hardness, cleansing, lathering, creaminess, and conditioning attributes. Carrot & Calendula soap properties: • Bar Scent: Sweet and citrusy • Bar Hardness: Moderately soft • Cleansing: Mild and gentle (great facial soap) • Lather: Soft fluffy bubbles • Bar Creaminess: High • Conditioning: Highly moisturizing and conditioning • Soap bar weight: approximately 3.5 oz. (105 grams)