Shimmery Gold Champagne Flute Seating / Place Card Scroll
These beautiful hanging seating cards scrolls are made to fit perfectly on top your glass or to simply place on the dinner plate. Guide your guests to their assigned tables with these impressive escort cards This Listing is for 10 Personalized Shimmery Gold Champagne Flute Seating/ Place Card Scroll ABOUT THESE SCROLLS Card Stock: 80lb Shimmery Gold Card Stock This cardstock has a shimmery pearlescent luster, Very Elegant Scroll Size: Wine Glass /Champagne Flute Scroll Size: 1 x 6 Please download the form at the link below Your Items will be personalized with your information. Once your order is placed, you will receive your PDF proofs within 1-2 business days. You can always email us directly. Please email your form / template request to Subject: Form Request / Item We can than forward you the excel template (First / Last Name, table number or specific information) You can always email us your guest list. PLEASE NOTE THE LAYOUT SHOULD BE AS FOLLOWS - First and Last Names should be on one line EXAMPLE: Michael Ryan Table 1 + meal choice Shelley Ryan +Table 1 <------------ Your order will not be printed without your final approval. Please keep in mind when ordering that this item is hand cut and crafted by us. 100% and Crafted and Printed by us. Font Style (see chart) Style 1 - Book Antique Style 2 - Freehand591 BT Style 3 - Comic Sans MS Style 4 - French Script MT Style 5 - Gessele Style 6 - Edwardian Script ITC Style 7 - Lucida Calligraphy Style 8- Dobkin Script Style 9- Merced Style 10- Victorian Font Colors: Many Font Colors - Black Highly Recommended Refund: No Refunds on Personalized items Please email your form /template request to Visit us online at Process Time: The Normal Process time for Place / Escort Cards Process is 1-2 weeks or less depending on the quantity. If you ordered more than two sets, please add an additional 3 days processing.