School Hat
© sweetpeatoad © ----------- Bouncing to school you go every day, Listening to what the teacher’s have to say. There will be days when you think you feel sick, But going to school will make your mind as strong as a brick. You’ll get to meet new friends in class, And at recess you get to go out and play in the grass. You’ll have a special spot when comes lunch, You gather with friends and go as a bunch. With friends you’ll giggle and laugh in the hall, Then comes gym class and you might get to play ball. While in school you’ll have to pay attention, If not you must might just get detention. There be days when you just don’t like school, And tell yourself, school is just not cool. Then as you grow older, wiser and tall, You start to miss those faces you seen every fall. You’ll start to think school was not that bad of a place, In fact school was truly a wonderful place. ---------- This beautiful hat is knitted in a chunky wool blend yarn. It's is handpicked to make sure it doesn't irritate young children's sensitive skin. It is best to handwash the hat and lay flat to dry. Thank you for stopping by. Love, Cathy