Vintage Look Photograph Star Heart Keepsake Personalized Ornament
My Vintage Look Photograph Keepsake Ornaments make a great gift for family members or friends who love Vintage. I will re-create your vintage photo to make a special Keepsake for you or a family member. I can transform a recent photo into a vintage look, too. People who have received this Photo Keepsakes as a gift cherish them. And I believe you or the one receiving it will love yours just as much as others love theirs! Your photo will reproduced, color enhanced and laminated to make it water resistant. I handcraft the frame and place your re-created photo in it before curing the entire keepsake. People who receive my ornaments keep them displayed all year long, although they do look great on a Christmas tree. All my keepsakes are hand sculpted clay... not salt dough. The plus is you do not have to be concerned about the weather, whereas, salt dough or cold porcelain will not withstand wet weather. I hand cut and hand decorate each Keepsake, therefore, not two will be the same.