Hand Forged Rebar Garden Hoe/Cultivator
These are simple, but effective, tools for gardening in a raised bed. They aren't meant for heavy clay or prying out rocks, but these little hoes/cultivators are just the thing for planting seeds, removing weeds from tight spaces, or leveling out soil in a flowerpot or raised bed. I leave them with a rather blunt edge on the hoe end and I forge the other end into a rough point, which lets you use the tool as a small dibble for planting seeds. I use these in my own raised bed to loosen up the soil before I plant seeds. Perfect gifts for the backyard gardener, tthese little hoes are made from repurposed rebar. The size ranges from approximately 9-10" but each is handmade so there will be some variation. I apply a simple wax finish to these, a light coat of wax polish or oil will help keep the rust to a minimum. Some surface rust may appear over time and adds character. Since they are made of rebar I do not recommend trying to sharpen them to a fine edge or using them for prying or breaking up heavy clay soils, they just aren't made for that kind of abuse. I will be making a series of similar tools from better steel that is tempered to handle tougher chores in the future!