NOTE: SCB is getting a jump start and is now taking Holiday Pre-Orders for our exclusive Hawaiian Rum Cake! So RUM RUM as fast as you can:) This Rum Cake is an absolute Best Seller and sells out very quickly especially during Holiday Season (Oct - Dec). Don't be left out, guarantee your Rum Cake(s) will be received by Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Our Holiday Shipping Schedule for this exquisite Cake are as follows / FINAL USPS Mailing on: Friday, October 26th, Friday, November 16th and Tuesday, December 18th. These are drop dead dates that Packages will be mailed to guarantee arrival by Halloween (10/31), Thanksgiving (11/22) and Christmas (12/25). But hurry, there are only so many orders we fulfill for this Rum Cake due to the fact our Rum is special ordered and we only receive so many bottles! LOCAL RESIDENTS: If you are located within the South Bay Area (i.e. Torrance; Palos Verdes; Gardena; Manhattan Beach; Hermosa Beach; Redondo Beach and Lomita) and choose Delivery Option (Price for Delivery is calculated by Mileage to and from Destination). To meet your Holiday schedule, SCB will deliver your Bakery Goods right up to the wire. Last day for Holiday Deliveries will be: Tuesday, 10/30/18 (4:00pm – 6:00pm); Tuesday, 11/20/18 (4:00pm – 6:00pm) and Monday, 12/24/18 (10:00am – 5:00pm). If you have any questions, by all means contact us! Have a great Day Everyone! ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` From Bakery Oven ~ to Shipping Box ~ to You! This Rum Cake is the Real Deal and one our Best Sellers'. We use only the best Imported Rum from "HAWAII" which just seals the deal! This is a special blend Rum with prominent "VANILLA" notes which is smooth to your palate. This cake will feed 10-13 people depending how you slice it. This Cake is amazingly Moist; Dense; Light & Airy all in one breath, there are over two cups of rum in this Cake, so you are definitely getting your Money's worth. This Cake is phenomenal! I would recommend for "Adults Only" (21 and older) due to the amount of Rum in this Cake, it can sneak up on you :) In our Opinion, the absolute best gifts are edible. Who could turn down a freshly baked Cake or Quick Bread or a personal platter stacked full of warm and fresh-baked cookies or Muffins baked to perfection! It absolutely warms the heart and shows Love! This Cake fits that bill and makes a terrific gift, or a great addition to any dessert table, Bridal Shower, Potluck, Wedding, Holiday Soiree' et al....Our Hawaiian Rum Cake also won a Ribbon at the Orange County Fair in 2015! And actually, the longer this Cake sits, the better it gets, the flavors just meld together and intensify! And for the price (which we keep very reasonable) you are getting a bargain, most authentic Rum Cakes sell from $35.00 - $50.00, but we are so confident this will be the best Rum Cake you have ever tried, so we keep the price reasonable and want to keep you as a Customer! 1st NOTE: Rum Cake is topped with Toasted Pecans and/or Walnuts, please send a note in the comments section if you have a preference and we will do our best to fulfill. 2nd NOTE: This Cake is made from SCRATCH! There is NO CAKE MIX used in this Product or any of our Cakes for that matter. I am mentioning this because a majority of Rum Cakes on the internet are made with Cake Mix and just have the other ingredients added to it. From the first Bite, you can tell this Cake is totally made from the ground up! We ship all our items via USPS PRIORITY MAIL. This method allows items to be delivered in approximately 1-2 Days within Los Angeles County; 2-3 business days within California and 4-5 business days outside California, but within the Continental USA. We package all our items very securely, so you can be assured your item will be "IN TACT". Order with confidence if sending as a gift to a friend or loved one. We will even enclose a card of your choice if sending as a gift. Shipping cost is a "FIXED RATE". USPS Large Flat Rate Box, the amount charged, is the current USPS Rate to-date. NOTE: If for some reason, the shipping charge is less than what you paid, you will be reimbursed the difference, we run an honest business :) You are purchasing 1 - 12" Bundt Cake. This cake will feed 10-13 people easily. Due to the incredible richness and density of this Cake, a small slice goes a very long way! This is a Quality Product made with Fresh Quality Ingredients! We use Organic ingredients as well in this Cake! Although we create most of our Bakery Items that can be frozen, we recommend due to the moistness and density of this cake, we advise that YOU DO NOT FREEZE! The result after thawing will be a mushy cake. However, you can keep in the refrigerator up to 10-12 days and still retain a fresh product! Cake can also be kept at room temperature up to 10-12 days as well. PLEASE NOTE: All Sales are final on "FOOD ITEMS". Food Items cannot be returned once we ship out.