Great Horned Owl Bird Lined or Blank Notebook Moleskine
Our little house is surrounded by thick woods, woods that at night are full of the sounds of nature. Dusk settles in around here and it's not long before we begin to hear the hoots of owls intermingle with the sounds of other nocturnal creatures. It's a reassuring sound, letting us know that our woods are healthy enough to provide a home to so many wild creatures. This little pocket size journal featuring the image of a framed great horned owl that I hand carved will come in handy for my fellow nature lovers out there! Since it fits in your back pocket, you can take it just about anywhere! And as a little bonus, the journal itself has a little pocket on the back for you to stash away a little love note or a grocery receipt! ************* Keep in mind that, due to its handmade nature, your journal may not look exactly like the one in the picture. But that is what makes handmade special, right? :)