White-Tailed Stag Buck Deer Notebook Moleskine Journal
On the very first evening we lived in our house in the woods, I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful white-tailed deer fawn bedding down in the edge of our woods. The mother was nowhere in sight, though I was certain she was not too far away. After years in the suburbs of a city, I was elated to know that our woods held such a beautiful animal. Since then, I have seen deer running through our neighbor's field, running alongside countless roads, and feeding in pastures, and my husband has watched from our kitchen sink window as a deer fed next to our house. This little pocket size journal featuring the image of a white-tailed deer that I hand carved will come in handy for my fellow nature lovers out there! Since it fits in your back pocket, you can take it just about anywhere! And as a little bonus, the journal itself has a little pocket on the back for you to stash away a little love note or a grocery receipt! ************* Keep in mind that, due to its handmade nature, your journal may not look exactly like the one in the picture. But that is what makes handmade special, right? :)