Subtle Acts

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Gilmer, TX
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Erica Williams
Store Details
Hello out there from the piney woods of Texas! My name is Erica and I am the person behind Subtle Acts. Thank you for stopping by my shop and learning a little more! My husband and I live in the woods with our two fabulously unintelligent but lovable and entertaining dogs Punky and Scout along with four bustling kittens that showed up after a stray cat dropped by for a visit before leaving us in charge: Juno, Otis, Squiggy, and O.O. After living in Seattle for several years, we decided we would move back home where we could afford a place in the country and be nearer to our families. I love being surrounded by trees and being able to watch coyotes, bobcats, hawks, countless birds, possums, armadillos, and more while sitting at my dining room table. I hope to reflect my love for nature in my work. All of the carved designs you see in my shop have been hand carved by me while listening to some tunes on Daytrotter or NPR\'s All Songs Considered. There is something so super relaxing about carving into rubber, peeling away a hidden design. As I described to a friend of mine who was interested in learning how to carve a stamp, the act of cutting into the rubber is very Zen-like and beats the heck out of having one of those tiny desktop-size Zen gardens with the tiny rakes. With carving, there is a sweet little product at the end. With the tiny Zen garden, you still just have a tiny box of sand. Each stamped item has its own unique qualities due to its handmade nature. For me, this sort of unique quality is what makes handmade items so special...there will never be another just like it!
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