Anti Aging - Under Eye Serum - All Natural Oils
Stay away wrinkles! You are not welcome here! Nothing does more damage to your skin than being outside in the elements in the sun and wind. Treat your overly sunned or wintered face to some pampering oils to help nourish, replenish and reduce inflammation. Please note: I am in constant research of ingredients that will possibly improve on my products so the ingredients may change slightly. 7.5 mil. (0.25 oz.) Roller Bottle Tip: You’ll need to shake the bottle before each use. The oils may turn slightly cloudy after shaking, which is perfectly normal. To Use: Generously roll-on the mixture under and around your eyes, gently massaging into your skin before bed time What makes this recipe so skin loving? Ingredients Pueraria Mirifica Oil: For more than 500 years, people in South East Asia have been using the root of “White Kwao Krua” for its profound anti-aging properties. This root has been identified as Pueraria candollei var. mirifica Airy Shaw et Suvat, which belongs to family Papilionaceae (Leguminosae). Aragan Oil: Is an antioxidant– known as nature’s answer to botox; it is a Vitamin C and E packed oil perfect for combating free radicals and works as anti-aging. Vitamin E Oil: Nourishing, moisturizing and may decrease wrinkles. Often used for scars. Camellia Seed Oil: Containing Vitamins A, B and E it is great oil for anti-aging Meadowfoam Oil: Contains 98% long-chain fatty acids making this oil moisturizing and rejuvenating. Mallow Extract: Contains soothing and protecting properties to dry and sensitive skin. Also used in skincare products to reduce inflammation. DISCLAIMER: Statements regarding this product have not been approved or evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. Information provided in this listing is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as Medical advice, and should not be used to self-diagnose or to treat any form of disease, illness or discomfort. Information in this listing should not be used to prescribe any medication or form of treatment, cure or prevention. Certain herbs and oils can, and do, affect each individual differently. Many health care providers advice against use of certain herbs, oils and product ingredients for children, pregnant women, women intending to become pregnant, nursing mothers, individuals taking certain medications and individuals with certain illnesses and diseases. All ingredients should be thoroughly researched prior to use. Any concerns regarding a disease, illness, discomfort or prevention, should be directed to your personal health care provider. You should ALWAYS contact a Physician prior to making or using tinctures and homeopathic remedies prior to purchasing and using any product or individual ingredient.