Marvel Comics Dice Bag with Liner and Closable Pockets or Clutch Bag
This item is a handmade Marvel Comics dice bag and miniature bag or clutch bag. This bag is 7 inches tall and the base of the bag is 5 inches wide. It has a black cotton liner with three closable pockets. It has one yellow pocket, one red pocket and one comic print pocket. Each pocket closes with metal snaps. The pockets measures 3 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Each pocket is big enough to hold one full set of polyhedral dice or two miniatures. This bag ties close with a yellow fabric cord. This entire bag is made of 100% cotton except the metal snaps. This bag makes a great gift for any tabletop role player or any lover of Marvel comics. The dice in picture are not included. As always this item is handmade in the United States.