Handmade junk journal, home made book of horse art paintings
A home made book, created from junk! The pages are junk mail envelopes, and the book cover is made from a cereal box. Most pages create a pocket in which you can store items of your choosing. Two pages are abstract paintings, the rest are paintings of horses. This book is what can happen when an artist goes to the studio with the idea of playing, not caring about results until the final stages. The paintings are experimental, lively and fun. Not intended to be serious paintings but created as experiments, to see what happens if...... There are 12 pages in the book, the cover, and 23 paintings. If you love horses, you'll have fun with this book. It even has a mane! I add yarn and string to the binding of the book to create the look and feel of a horses' mane. Not all paintings are pictured here, I just posted a sampling.