Gold Drop Earrings - Antique Red Jasper and Amber - Wow!
These stunning gold earrings feature polished tubes of antique red jasper and luminous amber droplets. The findings are gold-filled (not plated). Jasper's name means "spotted or speckled stone," and it gets its red color from inclusions of iron. Jasper was renowned in ancient times as a charm against bleeding, and some scholars believe that it was used as the first stone in the sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites. These beautiful orange-red beads come from Benin, West Africa, and were made during the 19th century. Amber (fossilized tree resin) has been valued for its color and luminous beauty since Neolithic times. The oldest recovered amber dates back some 320 million years. Since the Stone Age, amber has been used in making prized jewelry of all kinds. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, so you are wearing an original work of art. Findings: Gold-filled (not plated) Red Jasper Amber Please note that I work with antique beads (like the red jasper) that have been reliably sourced for authenticity. Shouldn't your jewelry tell a story as fascinating as your own?