Stera Instruments

Uniquely handmade instruments

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Simpsonville, KY
Owned By
Tate Chmielewski
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A few years ago at a folk art festival I saw somebody with cigar box guitars. Being somebody who has always played music and built anything that came to mind I just had to look into them more. I learned these are based on old time primitive stringed instruments people would make out of anything they found. I set out on building some of these and loved making something that you can play music with! After building some very basic ones I decided to make a new goal of making these instruments play and sound the best I could while still keeping a little bit of the old style. About 8 years later, the instruments are sounding and playing great. They have made it into the hands of players all over the world and have taken many forms. Cigar box ukuleles, ammo box electric guitars and even playable instruments made from skulls. Past instruments can be found on my website