Sizing: Please be sure to order the correct size as we cannot resize the rings. If you recieve your ring and it doesnt fit due to your error or not ordering a correct size, you can exchange it for a new ring. Exchange cost is 20.00 and you cover shipping both ways. Please be advised that the rings are HANDMADE, sizes can vary slightly but not enough to affect the fit of the ring. Broken and Cracked Rings: Due to the nature of using natural materials your ring should not be expected to withstand the same amount of abuse a metal ring would. Broken rings due to owner neglegence ARE NOT COVERED in our warranty. We will however replace rings broken due to craftmanship errors for up to 4 months after purchase. ********THERE ARE NO REFUNDS DUE TO PURCHASER ERROR********** I will refund anything that is my error but cannot refund anything due to purchaser negligence.

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