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Rocky Mountain High, Denver Colorado is where champions are born. Much like John Elway brought titles to the Mile High city, Peyton Manning is on a quest to do the same. He will need the help of his teammates and the Bronco faithful to bring a title back to Denver. Alone the players are nothing. It’s the hardworking blue collar fans that are the fuel to the Broncos fire. Together we are “United in Orange.” These bracelets are made from 100% genuine leather and are handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains. The Denver Bronco “United in Orange” collectible bracelets are both 1.5" inches wide and have adjustable lengths of 7.5" inches and 8.5" inches. They are both hand threaded with eco-friendly orange and blue hemp, so you can wear your team’s colors with pride and comfort. This unique emblem is individually branded into each of our handmade creations! Product of the USA