Hello and welcome to my shop, every soap I make has a taste of color without artificial colorants and fragrance oils that's made in the lab. I have a keen eye and nose of benefits from each ingredient into a bar to loaf of soap. What you buy is genuine ingredients, from organic, distilled, vegan to even cruelty free.

Payment Policy

1. Each soap you buy, the money is reused for me to buy more materials/ingredients to keep my artisan skills on good flow mode. 2. The price you see won't change of my soaps I display except for special sales from holidays to events I'll be at. 3. I do not accept checks I'm afraid, it's either digital pay, prepaid, credit card or PayPal.

Shipping Policy

Keep in mind that if you live in California or in the USA you get free shipping unless marked there will be a flat rate fee depending the soaps I make, international shipping fee is $5.

Refund & Exchange Policy

This shop does not support refunds nor exchanges yet, once this shop reaches a funding goal the shop will support refunds and exchanges.

Other Policies

This shop is more about keeping it real on each ingredient put into the soaps that I put into it.

Contact Information

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