Winter crystal
You know when it's time to cover yourself in layers, but to some of us it's also the celebration of the Winter Solstice (not right now but we know what day in December), Yule Was the celebration before the Christians took our celebration and turn it into a misleading information mixed with a manmade cult that even Jesus would never approve one damn bit. With the History aside this Soap has every right to restore to true meaning of Winter and Yule without the insecure nonsense. Ingredients: Soap base: Organic Shea Butter with No SLS Vegan Silk Glycerin & No SLS Vegetable Glycerin. Carrier Oil: Cucumber seed. Carrier Butter: Avocado fruit. Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Mint leaf, Bergamot, Apple, Peach, Grapefruit, Hydrangea, Bergamot, Ambrette. Mica's: Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Aquamarine Cerulean, Arctic Pearl, Silk Pearl, Snow Pearl, Macro pearl, Micro Pearl. Other Ingredient: Distilled Witch Hazel.