Strawberry Fantasy Crystal
No, you're definitely not crazy there, it is true about the title. I went crazy on making silicone molds for the next big soap mold without hesitating I managed to just go nuts and make 3 designs and made 12 of the exact same molds (4 per design as a mold). Sometimes when you get creative you lose control on how creative you can get that you lose your focus on the main objective that you wanted to accomplish in the first place. Ingredients: Soap Base: No SLS Vegetable Glycerin & Distilled Rose Water Glycerin. Carrier Oil: Babassu seed. Essential Oils:Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bergamot and White Cherry Blossom. Mica's: Galaxy Peach, Fairy Pink, Royal Chariot (pink to gold), Salmon Pink. Other Ingredients: Strawberry Spirits,