Gender Reveal hand soap
The title is something that makes you think so hard on such interesting hypothesis. I would like to inform that 50 soon to be mother's that suggested this to me. So a soap challenge was definitely required. Ingredients: Soap base: Distilled Witch hazel infused Shea Butter with Organic No SLS Glycerin. Carrier Oil: Argan seed. Essential Oils (by color): Baby Pink: Strawberry Flower Petal and Japanese Cherry Blossom.
 Baby Blue: Apple, Peach, Grapefruit, Hydrangea, Bergamot, Mint Stem and Ambrette. Mica's (by color): Baby Pink: Fairy Pink, Arctic pearl, Royal Chariot (pink to gold). Baby Blue: Sky Bliss (Aquamarine to Indigo), Arctic Pearl. Other Ingredient: Baking Soda.