Emergency Cosplay Hygiene Stick
For that moment in life as a cosplayer there's always been that one faulty thing I have problems facing from other cosplayers, It's that moment when other cosplayers that don't know the meaning of "shower" and "hygiene". They have this habit to where they tend to forget to wash, use axe body spray and walk like it's the best shortcut of a lifetime; FYI: Axe body spray/mist is not a shower on the go, people! Ingredients: Soap Base: No SLS Distilled Witch Hazel with Organic Honey Glycerin. Carrier Oil: Pumpkin Seed. Essential oils: Pumpkin, Cinnamon Leaf, Cloves Buds, Ginger Root, Nutmeg Nut. Mica's: Beach Sand Bronze & Golden Mahogany Bronze.