Cigar Punch
For those that enjoy premuim cigars, this is a gift that no other cigar smoker will have: a hand crafted cigar punch. They are made from exotic hardwoods. The brown wood is called Cocobolo, and the black wood is called Ebony. The grain on the Cocobolo is very beautiful and has a very nice polished finish. The Ebony wood punch is jet-black and looks like Onyx, a semi-precious stone. Ebony polishes to a beautiful shine. Both are very hard and dense woods. Open the end cap and you see a circular cutter that is razor sharp. Each unit comes with a spare cutting head, should you need to replaced it. Once the cigar has been opened, punch the small button at the opposite end to expell the plug. Each punch is about 3 inches long and around 3/4" to 1" in diameter. A very classy way to express your appreciation for your passion.