Renaissance-Style Bracelet Cuff, Upcycled Medieval Wrist Cuff
I’ve been to the Renaissance Fair twice this year. I live in Minnesota, and personally, my favorite part of my fair is the Fandazzi Fire Show. What happens when you combine a very spirited fiddle player, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bunch of flaming objects that are being twirled around like they aren’t burning at ridiculous temperatures? A very good show indeed. I personally created this cuff in the spirit of those performers out of some beautiful upholstery fabric that was on the endangered list as my mother sorts out her fabrics, a vintage pin, and some soft black flannel. As always, my mission is to create a world in which comfort and fashion are able to coexist in the best way. This cuff perfectly reflects that, in my opinion. I call this one Iris (part of the Renaissance line). Handmade in the USA! Dimensions: -Length of fabric part: 16.5 cm/6.5 in -Length of cuff: 31.8 cm/12.5 in -Width: 8.89 cm/3.5 in