Set of 2 Milk, Honey & Orange Soaps; Shea Butter; Honey; Coconut Milk; Horse Shoe
This listing is for 2 soap bars that come with a horseshoe motif and made with three moisturizing ingredients: Shea Butter, Honey and Coconut Milk. It also has crushed seeds for natural and gentle exfoliation. The bars are 5 ounces each and shown in one of my many favorite scent combinations, Milk & Honey with a splash of fresh Orange. My Promise/My Mission: At Spa Kissed, I use only detergent free materials. I spend time to research just the right combination of ingredients and fragrance to ensure that you are getting a quality product. At Spa Kissed, my focus is not in the "look of the bar", but rather the skin care it provides. But nonetheless, because each and every one is hand crafted, the end product always come out beautiful! My soaps are not hard and dry like many of the "cold processed" bars that you may have seen. Rather, my soap bars are emollient and dense and always contain ingredients that provide moisturizing benefits and leave skin soft and supple. In fact, you can also use them on your facial area. Love the skin you are in with Spa Kissed products!