LED Grow Light Grid Tower
This is a must have grow light for anyone who loves to grow houseplants, herbs or vegetables indoors. Have complete flexibility to insure all your plants get the exact light spectrum they need, in the right spot. Build them tall to get light to your tall plants, go vertically to cover many plants, go close to plants that need extra light and farther for others. The light grid can be put together starting from the floor, hanging from the ceiling or any solid surface. Start on the floor and end at the ceiling. No tools needed, just slid in a connector The possibilities are endless. Each grid piece is a complete individual grow light! With additional standard power ac/dc adapters you can use the grids individually or in smaller groups. Each panel contains a high intensity grow LED light. Red/blue light is 4/1 with a red range of 660 nm And a blue range of 445 nm Very bright SMD5050 This unique lighting grid was designed and is made by Dorothy at Sow Good Naturally, LLC. They are handcrafted in our New Hampshire woodworking shop. True handmade American small business quality. For the first time you can add style to your living space while making your plants happy! No more clip lights or shop lights. The light grid includes: 8 grow light panels 4 leg panels (All panels are 1’ x 2’) 1 12 v ac/dc adapter 20 connectors