Fungus Gnat trap 3 pack
I am a lover of all things healthy like fresh fruit and home grown vegetables. I problem I kept running into is that the things I love are loved by fruit flies and fungus gnats too! So I had to come up with a solution. I tried lots of things without success then I made my flower fruit fly trap. It put an end to my bug problem. Glue traps have been used by professional growers for years. My unique and easy to use design allows you to use the trap in your home and garden without touching the glue Highly effective, non toxic fruit fly and fungus gnat trap! Easy to use and safe around kids and pets. Keep fruit flies, fungus gnat, white flies, drain gnats and other small flying bug out of your kitchen and garden. Decorative Flower will look nice amount your plants and on your countertop recycling bin Works for months indoor or outdoors Package comes with 3 complete flower fly trapsDon't miss the video of me working hard in my workshop making the traps!