Espresso Dulce de Leche Trio (caramel sauce)
Dulce may just be the perfect indulgence. Creamy, rich, sinfully layered sweetness that pairs perfectly with fruit, ice cream,veggie sticks, toast, yogurt, preztels, and everything in between. It also serves as the perfect secret ingredient in your cookie dough or brownie batter. Or simply drizzle it instead of sugar into your morning coffee for the perfect cup of joe. Heat it up for a less viscous topping, or eat it straight from the jar (spoon or finger, you choose). Flavors such as espresso, chai, and chipotle chocolate add levels of dimensions and an intense aspect to something usually so simple and cloying. Surprise yourself with how many uses you find for this amazing confection, as well as how fast the jar seems to empty. Here are some suggestions how to use our Dulce: //espresso// Toast spread Warm and drizzle over granola/yogurt Replace 1/2 sugar in cookie batter Teaspoon into morning coffee Top scones or warm muffins Dulce is gluten free.