Eden's Secret Organic Vaginal Douche (Set 0f 2)
Now over 150 teas sold! Customer Reviews: "I used a midwife for my daughter's birth. We decided to have a Water Birth. I boiled your tea and poured it in my tub. The herbal scent really calmed my nerves and soothed me. I had no reactions to the tea nor did my beautiful baby girl. Thank you for such a great product!" "This really helps me to feel cleaner after my period." "I was embarrassed to order this but after giving it a try I can say that it really decreases my odor. I had bad discharge and this literally flushes me out." "My boyfriend's semen was giving me yeast infections. After using your douche, I feel better, no itching and no more infections! Thank you!" ******************************************************************************************************** With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, lemongrass, amongst other anti-cancer herbs, is the leader in the holistic community and respected worldwide. My organic feminine douche is made with organic, sun-dried lemongrass and a sprinkling of black and green tea. No preservatives, no pesticides and zero additives. Lovely and mild herbal fragrance. Approx .15 ounces each sachet. FREE SHIPPING. ****************************************************************************************************** Uses: Yeast infections Vaginal Odor and Discharge Post Menstrual Uneasiness Post Coitus (sexual) rinse Womb Cleanser Anal Enema (men and women) Directions: You can either use a doucher (the plastic bottle with the flexible nozzle) or utilize the tea in a sitz bath. For a doucher: Boil 6 - 8 ounces of water. Drop the tea in the boiled water and allow to seep for 15 mins. Wait til the tea is cool enough to use and douche as normal. For a sitz bath: Make the tea as usual. Drop the tea into a tub filled with moderately warm water. Sit in the tub and allow the herbs to wash your private area clean. * This herbal wash is an all natural holistic aid and is not approved by the FDA *