Eden's Secret Garlic Soap for Feminine Itching and Yeast Infection/ Anti-Fungal Soap
Now over 250 bars sold! Customer Reviews: "The sellers were quick to communicate each step of the purchasing and shipping process. The soap really does work and solves the problem at hand. I would highly recommend this product." "Very mild and really does work. I use it as a part of a yeast prevention regimen." "Can't live without this now. As soon as I feel that itchyness coming on, I use it." "Soap is mild and works wonders! After one use I felt much better! A must have!" Do you suffer from embarrassing itching and odor? Are you a naturalist and want to cure/ aid ailments the holistic way? Well, our garlic soap may be what you're looking for. Garlic, a bulb, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. Allicin is one of the main anti-fungal compounds in garlic that helps to fight disease like yeast. A yeast infection can occur around your neck, underarms, belly and thigh area, as well as the most intimate parts of us. Garlic is an excellent organic aid to keep you from developing an over abundance of yeast. This soap is made in small batches to ensure freshness. Since real smoked garlic is used, it does have a mild garlicky smell but the smell *does not* linger on your skin. To be used as needed or as a daily bath regimen to help keep Candida (yeast) away. 5 ounces per bar. 100% organic.