Illinois Local Clay Pottery Bottle or Bud Vase
I love digging clay! Working with found clays can be challenging and frustrating, but it's well worth all the work. I do most of my clay hunting in western Chicagoland, and the clays around here are lowfire-earthenware. When used as the body of a piece, they're terracotta. However at higher temperatures they melt beautifully. I used a comercial clay (that won't melt) and threw this bottle, then coated it in several layers of the local clay. Then I fired it in a wood kiln. For up to or over 20 hours this kiln is fired with an open flame. The ash from the wood lands on the pots and at over 2000 degrees melts, producing a unique shine and color on each piece. The local clay looks beautiful in this type of firing, you can see all the activity where the clay reacted with the ash. This would be a wonderful showcase for a flower or with a cork or just on its own! The inside is not glazed, so it is not suitable for food use (but is completely watertight). This bottle measures almost 5" tall I will happily combine shipping. If you prefer not to receive a refund through paypal, please contact me before you purchase Please ask me about wholesale!