Orange and White Marbled Pit Fired Bottle/Bud Vase
This bottle was thrown from two different clays, wedged or kneaded together to form a unique pattern in the clay, which on the wheel stretches into what you see here. It really does look cool. Even cooler, I believe that the orange clay is a clay I dug locally. I do nothing to alter them, besides sieving out rocks, letting mother nature speak for herself. After I threw this piece, I glazed the inside clear and fired it in a pit firing. Pots are packed into a pit dug into the ground with plenty of sawdust, and then a fire is built on top. Once it gets hot enough to smolder to the floor of the pit it's left to leave that beautiful smoke on the pots. Each pot and each firing are completely unique. Because of the quick cooling of the pit, the glazes tend to crack. This bottle is not watertight, but would look lovely with a dried flower bouquet or even on its own