Pottery Jewelry Box - Wood Fired Jar - Ceramic Trinket Box
These jars are a new series for me! At the pottery wheel, I throw a bottle form as usual. Then after a quick hit with the blowtorch, I cut the lid off right there. Throwing jars as one piece ensures a continuous transition even on very interesting shapes. After this was fired once, for strength, I glazed the inside with a shino glaze. This seals the inside while leaving the clay raw outside. I didn't glaze the outside because this jar was headed for a wood firing, and bare clay loves wood fire. In a 15+ hour firing, wood is constantly stoked to reach a temperature of over 2000 degrees. The ash volitalizes and forms a blowing glaze that melts on the pots. That beautiful, gorgeous of golden is all melted ash. This container measures just shy of 3" tall I will happily combine shipping. If you prefer not to receive a refund through paypal, please contact me before you purchase Please ask me about wholesale! Facebook.com/Smokesoakedpottery