Soda Fired Wonky Pottery Bottle or Bud Vase
This bottle was thrown on the potter's wheel with a wonky twist. After this bottle was glazed it was headed for the soda kiln. Firing with soda is an adventure every time. Each firing can be up to 16 hours, and while it's mostly watching the temperature and fidgeting around with gas and air intake, there's excitement at the end. When it's reached over 2000 degrees, bricks are removed from several places on the kiln and soda ash or baking soda are sprayed/blown in. It adds an element of unpredictability. Each firing is different based on the flame and when/how much soda is introduced. This bottle flashed orange in its body, with the side away from the soda port a sandier color. The neck caught a bit of soda which produces that dark shine. This bottle measures a little over 4.5" tall I will happily combine shipping. If you prefer not to receive a refund through paypal, please contact me before you purchase. Please ask me about wholesale!