Illinois Local Clay Pottery Bottle or Bud Vase
This little bottle is one of a kind-its clay was dug in a very small batch in Addison, just under an hour west of Chicago. I didn't glaze the outside to show off this beautiful bare clay. The light coral of the background is covered in a splattering of sunburst yellow spots. The clays around here are low fire, sometimes called earthenware or terra cotta. The orange color is caused by iron, which also causes its lower firing temperature. I love working with locally found clays because unlike commercially prepared clays they have great amount of unique personality and require a bit more attention. Mother Nature didn't make her clays with the potter in mind (like clay companies do), and I process them minimally, so they can be unruly to work with. That streak of stubbornness just fires my love for working with them, a challenge to learn and explore each new dig. And the results range from failure to spectacular surprises, like this clay. This bottle has been glazed inside with a clear glaze, which turned green with the iron from the clay. This would be beautiful with a single stem, or as a unique little piece on its own. It measures 5" tall I will happily combine shipping. If you prefer not to receive a refund through paypal, please contact me before you purchase Please ask about wholesale!