Pottery Tornado Bottle - Soda Fired Ceramic Vase
I love these twisty bottles! These pictures give the impression it's smaller than it is-almost 6" tall and able to hold a cup of water. The twist is put in before the neck is pulled inward, which knocks it off center. The neck has to be carefully cajoled to stay upright and even. After this bottle's initial bisque firing, to give it strength for the next step, I fired it in an outdoor soda kiln. Gas fired and uncontrollable, dry baking soda and soda ash are blown into the kiln at almost 2500 degrees. This piece was glazed only on the inside, so the results of the soda are very apparent-that wonderful aged look in the shiny side, and the little metallically flecks on the warm blushed side. I will happily combine shipping. If you prefer not to receive a refund through paypal, please contact me before you purchase Please ask me about wholesale! A photo gallery of soda firing pictures can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.621527151203623.1073741828.620847444604927&type=1