Wood Fired Ceramic Succulent Planter - Pottery Hen and Chicks Pot - Fairy Garden Cottage+
This succulent planter was thrown by me on the potter's wheel. I coated this with a locally clay I dug, and while it was still wet on the wheel I sculpted on the little cups. After it was fired once, for strength, I glazed it simply with a traditional white shino glaze on the inside and nothing over the clay outside. I chose to leave the local clay exposed because this pot was headed for the wood kiln. The peak of the firing is over two thousand degrees, hot enough for the wood ash to melt into a swirling airborne glaze. That combined with the open flame reacted with the local clay to produce the purplish surface. You can also see the golden color of the heavier ash deposit a at the top. This measures about 4.5" tall Please ask me about wholesale! Facebook.com/smokesoakedpottery