Pottery Dishes from YOUR Clay - Custom Ceramic Table Setting - Local Clay Mugs, Bowls, Plates
I will turn clay from your yard into one of a kind dishes As we gardeners of the Midwest know, there is clay waiting just under the layer of soil. It's very likely you have clay on your property ready to come out of hiding and show its beauty to the world. Mail me a bag and I'll help it on its way! If you have any questions please send me an email, I will always be available to answer any questions. I've been working with local clays for several years, and I love the challenge and the unique results. The challenge comes in working with raw materials instead of the commercial blends that are formulated to give easy, replicable results. I process these local clays only by removing the rocks with a sieve, and don't add anything to improve on their usability. When I receive your sample of clay it will be soaked in water to turn it into a liquid, run through a series of sieves, dried back to workable consistency, and aged two to three weeks. What you get back is exactly what you sent, minus some rocks. Clays around the country vary, so contact me and we can talk about what types of firings are appropriate and can include stoneware and terra cotta (low and high fire) firings Depending on where you live, the clay layer may be deep under the soil or not existent at all. Clay is generally a color distinct from the soil above it, and can be orange, gold, yellow, brown, grey, blue, black or white. If the soil layer is too thick in your yard, look around nearby construction sites, creek beds, or anywhere where the soil is more eroded. If you're having trouble deciding if it's clay or dirt, find or wet a piece to a bit dryer than play dough consistency (it should have less give) and play with it in your hands. If it crumbles or won't stay together, it's probably not plastic enough to use. If it cracks but mostly sticks together you've probably got yourself clay! ***Please pick out large rocks, pieces of wood and other debris as you collect your sample.*** If I receive your clay and it is not usable, I will issue a full refund. I reserve the right to hang on to any extra material you may send, and use it at any time. Thanks for looking!